Definitions for Technology Coach Time Tracking:

1. Teacher/Classroom Assistance:
  • TechLiteracy – showing students or teachers how to use the technology
  • Tech Support/Troubleshooting – fixing equipment that is not working properly, installing software or updates, etc.
  • Co-Planning – creating lessons with the teacher that will be used in future class sessions
  • Co-Teaching – using lesson plans with the teacher to instruct students in the class. The technology coach can either be helping individuals or groups, or they can be talking and working directly with the teacher during a class session.
  • Modeling a Lesson - when the technology coach is actually teaching a lesson plan (different from teaching how to use technology). Focus is on the curriculum/content; not technology.
  • Observing - watching the teacher use technology during class sessions without engaging with the students or the teacher in the class.

2. Resource Preparation - any activity where the technology coach is planning by themselves, gathering resources for their teachers or completing administrative work for a classroom activity.

3. Professional Development – formal professional development sessions as outlined in your technology coach contract/agreement. These should include pull-out inservice days with the technology coach and teachers only (not just district-inservice days).

4. Misc. - holiday, sick, dr. appt, inservice days (District or Building), Teacher Work Days, Parent Teacher Conferences, snow days, etc.

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